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Midwestern Mac, LLC


Hosted Search (Apache Solr)

We offer a simple plan for individuals or smaller websites looking to vastly improve their website search, using Apache Solr (from Lucene). Our hosted Solr solution is fast, and integrates easily with your Drupal website.

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Website and Server Uptime Monitoring

Need a simple, inexpensive way to check if your website is up or down? Midwestern Mac’s Server service offers peace of mind by sending you SMS text messages and emails when your website or server goes down.

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Web Development

Midwestern Mac offers some of the best quality web design and development work for a very reasonable price. We make websites that are fast, beautiful, and highly optimized for search, disabled users and multiple browsers and platforms (iPhone, Mac, PC, etc.).

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App Development

On an extremely limited basis, we help organizations put together dynamic, integrated, and user-friendly apps for iOS and Android, and specialize in integrating apps with Drupal websites and standards-based web applications.

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Other Projects

Midwestern Mac, LLC also proudly maintains the following projects:

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