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Midwestern Mac, LLC

Drupal Give

Midwestern Mac, LLC has devoted many resources to making Drupal better. We use Drupal for many of our web projects, and we are heavily invested in its continued growth and success.


Midwestern Mac, LLC is a Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association, through our Drupal service Hosted Apache Solr.


  • Drupal VM A VM for local Drupal development, built with Vagrant + Ansible.


  • Honeypot (Drupal 6 / Drupal 7 / Drupal 8)
    Prevent spam in a user-friendly way.
  • Wysiwyg Linebreaks (Drupal 6 / Drupal 7 / Drupal 8)
    Prevent well-formatted text from getting messed up when you use a Wysiwyg editor.
  • Simple Mail (Drupal 7 / Drupal 8)
    The easiest way to deliver email from a Drupal site.
  • Gallery Archive (Drupal 6 / Drupal 7)
    Create and download an archived file containing all the pictures in a photo gallery.
  • Holiday Overlay (Drupal 7)
    Display a customized message on a site during a given day of the year.


Other Contributions

Jeff Geerling, owner of Midwestern Mac, LLC, is an individual member of the Drupal Association. He has contributed many patches to Drupal core and contrib projects, helps with support on issue queues, IRC, and on Drupal Answers.

Jeff also co-organized the St. Louis Drupal Group and volunteers with the DrupalCon Photography Team.

Finally, Jeff Geerling frequently blogs about common problems and solutions for Drupal problems, and provides provisional information and documentation for Drupal and contrib modules.

Learn more about the drupalgive initiative.