Imap LogoImap is a simple PHP class for handling email.

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Email is hard. PHP tries to make it easier, though its many imap_* functions, but it's still a complex maze of functions, parameters, streams, etc. I wanted to make dealing with IMAP email servers much easier for myself, and for others, so I forked a wrapper class from Kastang on GitHub, and spent a bit of time cleaning up the code, adding useful functionality, and testing everything.

Since I deal with thousands of emails per day, I have a good sample set of data to help me make this class better; however, since the class is licensed with the MIT (Expat) license, you can help me make it better.

Please download or fork Imap on GitHub, and post a new issue with any problems you find or new features you'd like to see included.

Special thanks to Flocknote for sponsoring some of my time on Imap.